What if you found yourself
falsely accused of an unimaginable crime....

Would you, like so many others, believe that justice would prevail? Would you have faith in our esteemed courts?

What if you were forced
to sit back and watch quietly

while your fate was being decided by a jury who was never given the opportunity to hear your side of the story.

What if you watched repeatedly

as one attorney after another failed to effectively represent you.

Free Ken Middleton

Watch KCTV5's Investigative Report Into The Case

Prosecutorial Misconduct, Police Corruption, and Insufficient Counsel:

This is the story of Ken Middleton.

In 1990 Ken’s wife, Kathy, was killed in a tragic accident involving a handgun. Following the heartbreaking loss of his beloved wife, Ken found himself caught up in a nightmare from which he simply cannot awake. He was indicted for first degree murder. He stood accused of having killed Kathy.

Ken Middleton 29 years after his wrongful conviction - Photo Credit: KCTV5

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Fact: Ken Middleton TURNED DOWN an Alford Plea offer.

If Ken would have accepted this Alford Plea, a plea that even the West Memphis Three accepted, he could walk away a free man! They would consider his period of incarceration to that point sufficient enough to meet their sentencing requirement.
With appeals exhausted,

He wouldn't even consider it!

No guilty man would turn that down!

Fact: The original trial judge overturned HER OWN CASE, granting Ken a new trial.

In 2005, Judge Edith Messina ruled Mr. Middleton was "abandoned by post-conviction counsel, thus providing just cause to re-open his Rule 29.15 proceeding." She then held a two day evidentiary hearing that convinced her to grant him a new trial.

6 days later, the state filed a notice of appeal.

Fact: Former Missouri governor Joseph P. Teasdale testified he "would clearly have pardoned Mr. Middleton of all wrongdoing."

Mr. Teasdale exclaimed “In my 41 years as a lawyer, I had not witnessed such a violation of a defendant's constitutional rights.”

Our hope is that you, too, will be taken aback by the whole situation outlined on this site. That you will assist us by making everyone you know aware of Ken’s circumstances. With a sufficient amount of pressure exerted on Missouri’s Governor, Parson 573-751-3222 he will have no choice but to review the facts in this case. Following his review, we firmly believe that he will exercise his gubernatorial power to release Ken and clear his name. This is a last-ditch effort to end this nightmare for him and the rest of his family. They cannot rest until Ken is a free and completely exonerated man.

Ken has applied for Executive Clemency; a pardon with the State of Missouri. Your communcations urging Governor Parsont to back this application are absolutely appreciated!

Ken and Kathy Middleton